east africa

The Well East Africa is driven by Vision, Ingenuity, and Promise. We have a desire to touch the nations of East Africa by promoting both salvation and a better life for all, through Jesus Christ, The Son of God. We want the solid foundation of Jesus Christ built into every heart. The Well  reaches people not only in the major cities of both Kenya and Tanzania, but also extends into the rural villages. We wish to broaden our base and reach deeper into East Africa. We are driven by partnerships, supporting ministries, individual and church contributions, small businesses and corporate communities. We are very excited about what God is doing in East Africa, and invite you to become a part of His vision for East Africa. The Well East Africa consists of not only two Bible Colleges, Harvest Fields Bible College in Nairobi, Kenya, and Christian Center Bible College in Arusha, Tanzania, but also 170 churches, spread throughout these two nations. These Church Denominations are Harvest Christian Churches in Kenya, and Tanzania Christian Churches in Tanzania. This ministry was founded by Leonard and Rozella Fox in 1959. These two schools have produced over 600 full time pastors. Moreover, many others have enjoyed strong political, business and civic careers.