our Story

In 1952, Pastors Leonard and Rozella Fox founded The Muscoy Community Church, in Muscoy, Ca. It is now a Non- Denominational, world outreach known as "The Well." It is parent to San Bernardino Bible College, Christian Center Academy (Colton, Ca), Harvest Fields Bible College, Harvest Christian Churches (Limuru, Kenya), Christian Center Bible College, Tanzania Christian Churches, and Agape Christian Ministries (Arusha Tanzania). Currently the ministry is pastored by Zac and Denise Fox. Zac is the grandson of Leonard and Rozella. Leonard and Rozella were saved as teenagers in Riverside, Ca. and went directly into the ministry. They are both known worldwide, and are responsible for birthing all of the above mentioned ministries. They had six children, of which two became full time ministers. Leonard was known as The Prince of preachers, and Rozella mothered many people during here time in the ministry. 

Steven and Karen Fox were the Pastors of The Inland Christian Center Church in Colton for 20 years. The Church was founded by his Parents Leonard and Rozella Fox as The Muscoy Community Church. Under their leadership, the church missions in East Africa grew dramatically and now boast two Bible Colleges, Harvest Fields Bible School in Nairobi Kenya and Christian Center Bible College in Arusha, Tanzania. The organizations also comprise more than 170 churces throughout the two countries. Pastor Steve as he was known is also responsible for local outreaches in his home City of Colton. These include evangelistic ministries to the poor and needy in the Colton Parks and educational outreaches including public charter schooling to help educate at-risk youth and adults. Pastor Steve also helped develop a mission and church in Yaquil, Equador, and was the Father of both Spanish and Asian Churches in The San Bemardino Area.